Erosion Control

Q: Do you still need to use erosion control when using Biotic Earth?

Yes, Biotic Earth is not taking the place of your erosion control- it’s a separate soil improvement product. 

Q: Where can I get your products?

We have distributors all throughout the US and Canada, and we're growing into Latin America. To find out which distributor closest to you carries our product, reach out to our Sales Team. They'll be happy to assist you!

Biotic Earth

Q: Does Biotic Earth work with all plants/seeds?

It does. 90-96% of all plants develop symbiotic relationships with mycorrhizae- so everything from grasses through trees would benefit from improving the soil. 

Q: How does Biotic Earth work in arid/mountain/coastal/southern/northern conditions?

Poor soils are improved the same way, regardless of geographic location. Biotic Earth has been applied and succeeded in all of those conditions over the last 10 years- please check our case studies for more information on many of those.

Q: How long has Biotic Earth been on the market? 

Biotic Earth was developed over a decade ago, and we have the longest running case study of anyone in the industry at over 9 years on Milner Ridge.